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Who are we??

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 Bugsy Hansen - President

Tristan Hansen - Vice President / Production Manager

 Hi, I am Bugsy, I'm the guy who runs Dolphin Wetsuits!  In 2008 myself and my brother...that guy over there, decided to purchase Dolphin Wetsuits and imprint our values and in some sense, our humor, into a wetsuit company.  

I grew up around the water, around show skiing, sometimes 3-event skiing, but, mostly show skiing.  I've never been able to jump more then 100 feet in a tournament (I will fix that soon) or get past 21 off (doubtful), once was able to get past 4 rounds at Footstock, but, I have been blessed enough to be on 3 different national championship show ski teams with the Mad-City Ski Team. 

I went to college at UW-Eau Claire, I started grad school at UW-White Water, but, Dolphin got in the way of that and I had to take the plunge into Dolphin Wetsuits, and moved from Madison, WI to Houston, TX to begin the rebirth of this amazing company.

When I was much younger, a good friend of mine, Russ Sawallish owned a retail shop in Minocqua, Russ's Pro Shop, carrying Kidder, Rusty, O'Neil, HO during the summer and Morrow, Burton, etc during the winter.  

I loved it.  I would go up during the winter and visit and just hang out and talk shop, I loved both the lifestyle and the romantic notion of owning my own place.  Not having a boss.

For those of you that know Minocqua, WI, what is now Redman Reality used to be Russ's shop.  

Dolphin is my passion project, it may never make me rich monetarily, but, I have been able to meet so many wonderful people, be a part of such great things, the LA Night Jam, the Malibu Open, Collegiate Nationals, all the different show ski teams, the collegiate teams, the individual skiers whose passion is extrodinary...its way more then I expected. 


Bugsy Hansen

I don't like writting stuff about myself. 

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