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About Us

Dolphin Wetsuits, throughout the years, has made it our business and have taken pride in supplying the best quality watersports gear to all water sport enthusiasts. From developing and perfecting the Flo-Mo Jacket, a Dolphin Original, to the Die-Sublimation Graphic Process to our exceptional customer service pioneered by the companies founder, Joanne Miller, we seek to expand the boundaries of what is expected.

Joanne Miller founded Dolphin Wetsuits over 20 years ago with the singular desire to provide the best Wetsuits available. She spent time overseas studying various wetsuit building techniques, spent countless hours experimenting and testing various styles and construction techniques, anything she could think of and do to bring the best quality wetsuits to market.

Throughout the years Joanne worked tirelessly to design and create top-quality wetsuits and jackets, always remembering that the customer comes first and doing whatever it took to make sure that you were happy!

Joanne, along with her husband Chip, carried that banner for years and years until early 2008 when the decision was made for someone else to carry that torch.

Our goal is to continue the founding goals and ideals of Dolphin Wetsuits, the founding beliefs that made Dolphin what it is, while looking to build upon these foundations of strength to continue to produce the highest quality, innovative, stylish and functional gear. 

Our goal is to be a new sort of company, a fresh perspective in your interactions with YOUR wetsuit company. An organic way in which we operate and within that realm, providing you the best way that we know how, the best possible products to you to make your time on the water the best that they can be.

Thank you so much for taking time for us, trust us, it will be worth it.

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